Thursday, February 3, 2011

I. Promise. Happy birthday fiesta. And I. Love. that. City.

I promise. I will have a blog post coming soon with photos from my life.. I have been so booked with busyness. That it's not even funny.
I'm getting ready for a sisters night fiesta on Saturday, (My little sister is turning 13 Happy birthday!). 

Then a trip to Nashville on Sunday.

Then I will be home for like two or three days, and I'm going back to Nashville for the week. (Which I am really excited about) I get to spend a lot of time in the Gaylord Opryland hotel. I am gleaming with bliss. Ah. It's going to be wonderful. To say the least. I. Love. That. City.

In march I'm going to Raleigh for a conference, about a week later I'm going to Ohio to visit some friends, and another conference. April (If not before then) I'm going to Florida for a few weeks. I will have a trip to Louisiana very shortly after that. Then in October we will head to Asheville for about a week. ( I usually don't plan that far into my future.. this is strange..)

Then it's all a blur. And that's usually when I look back and realize that wow. We've been over 5,000 miles.. in 3 months. ... in one car...  Goodness grief.

Anyway, I'm in the process of fixing my blog header. I am very much not pleased with it.  Any ideas on something new?? I desperately need help and ideas. Even a new name. What's something that describes my blog?? 
Love you all!!