Saturday, November 27, 2010

We have a massive hill behind our house... it was kind of rainy that day, and Eli, Dad, Abby, and Alyssa were outside raking. Eli wanted to know when it would be time to play, knowing dad, he wanted to play more than the 7 year old did. So this is what he came up with:
ever heard of Extreme Fall sledding?..... Hmm, that's weird, neither had I until this.

Even the big kids. And you know, when I least expect Alyssa to do something, she does it. 
Not sure how this happened, I guess it could be blamed on the fact that leaves are less stable, compared to snow? Or concrete?

He was a happy camper.

Love ya all! I promise to have more soon... I think..... I hope...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For you Fashion Bugs.

Hello, my super fabulous blogger people. Check out a new website, called Fashion bug:  It's totally awesome! Be sure to follow, leave a comment, and post it on your site. I'm seeing giveaways in the near future. I'll also be doing some of the main photography for it. It just got started so be a big encouragement!

I have a post coming soon about, sliding down hills, leaves, and a snow disc... Use your imagination.

Love ya all!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Braided pigtails, cupcakes, and kisses.

I never wear pigtails, or braids, and never usually both together. But I did the other day. And felt the need to take a picture. ahhh the reasons I need to take a photo.
My twin. :)

These are super great to eat ( as most of you know...) But there super fun to play with. 
These colors make me laugh, because When Alyssa and I were enjoying these lovely little chocolates,

                                                   I said" "What's up with these colors? I love it!"

                   Alyssa: "Are you joking?" 
       Me: "No.... Why?" 
                                      Alyssa: "Ummm.. Hello! Halloween!"
 Me: "ohhhh..."

Time to dye my roots again.


They were fab. And also gluten free.

I had my first Algebra lesson today. I actually loved it. Tonight I plan to debate my sisters on what movie to watch, which usually only takes a few hours to decide. We're girls. As someone once told me, " Yeah, but that's your only excuse..." True, true....

Love cha all!


Yeah, this is what me and my younger siblings do on cold fall days. 

these are some pictures I had taken the other day. ( Hence the fact that I left out 'random')

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bonfire.

One of my gorgeous sisters.

                             All of the photos in this blog post go to the credit of my little sister Abigail.

Caroline and I.

Katie, and the adorable little Hudson girls! Ahh. The cuteness of those kids is overwhelming.

Abigail has a beautiful way of capturing people. It's honestly great.
Hayrides..... I love hayrides.

Catherine... She's such a doll.

Charis, and Lauren. I love these two girls.

Have a super great night! (I will have another blog post with photos coming soon).......... ( I promise).....

Madison :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hello, my lovely blogger people. So I have pictures... Lots of them.... Really... I do.

I've been busy, (Duh, yeah, who isn't?) I've had school, oh yes, that lovely little thing called school, that we all do five days a week (maybe more depending on how disciplined you are.)

but, last night we went to a bonfire, it was grand. Really like it was nothing but wonderful. Hayrides, cute cows, friends, adorable little kids, cool versions of hide and go seek. Yeah, so really need I say more?..... Okay, So I have pictures to post. then I also have photo's from fort Loudon, which I went to last Wednesday with some friends (talk about cute kids... you'll see what I'm talking about when I post pictures.)

So would you rather see pictures from the bonfire, or Fort Loudon? Which should I do first? Decisions, decisions.

I just finished making cupcakes (which made me think of Jessica. :) So if you know me, you know how I love to bake, but if you really know me, you know that not much turns out.

So get this. These. Cupcakes. turned. out. great! I am gleefully intoxicated with happiness.

God is so good to me. Too good to me. His Grace, and mercy, is too overwhelming for me to comprehend.

“Christians don’t think God will love us because we’re good, but God will make us good because He loves us.” - C.S. Lewis

"You have gone into the Temple and found Him, as always, there." -C.S. Lewis

I just super liked these two quotes. Because I am undeserving. And I've found that, no matter how far I stray , He stays right there. He is so faithful.

Love you guys! 

Have a super fun night!

Monday, November 8, 2010

*Red* *Black* and *white* = UGA

So The Georgia vs. Florida game was, October 30th. We lost by a field goal. (To my Gator fan friends: It's very lame to win by just a field  goal!!!) (.... No, I'm not bitter..... Not much anyway.....)

It was a fun day though.

That day, I text Caroline. Pretty much all day, it was on and off.

No Georgia game is complete with out southern sweet iced tea. However, when your texting and filling a pot up with water at the same time, you get a fail. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't done this three times in 15 minutes. 

I don't know why I felt the need to share this with you?
We altered the cookies to fit into our ritual celebration. 
E was holding his ears because of the screaming. He's such a doll.

OH my word! My picasa up-loader just told me I'm out of space! And I was in the middle of uploading a cute picture of my dog in a UGA jersey. Oh well. Time to delete some photos.

Love you all!

I should have more pictures later this week.


Family photos. Black and white.

So.  Last Saturday, we decided to take family pictures, Christmas pictures, New Years pictures, call it what you will. 

I have good looking VERY good looking parents.

My bother is such a goof.

three ladies, and one little dude.

I *heart* my daddy.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I enjoy being random. And Abby enjoys helping me. We're a group,or a team, we work together. 

We left our house, so that mom and Alyssa could go vote, then we dropped Alyssa off at Kayla's house (a friend). Then we went to the apple barn. And I enjoyed taking pictures. In the front seat. All the way there.  

                                                                   The Apple Barn.

The boy with the carmel apple, filled bag.

He was a handsome, happy, little man.

Later that night.

Okay! So I've officially Caught up on my posting! 

Love you all!!!