Friday, December 24, 2010

I seriously feel confused. And I need to get my priorities straight. The laptop just got back. and I have so many photos it's not funny. But I refuse to rush on a blog post with photos.

Mainly because every time I rush, the photos don't turn out right. And I'm never pleased. I love photography to much to spend so much time taking pictures, and very little time editing them.

I'm saving it up for you. (Can you take the suspense?)

I'll start editing tonight though.

By the way....

Merry Christmas!!!!!

(Oh good grief! That's right? I'll have pictures from that too..... Ah!)

It's late apparently!

Love y'all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis' the season to be jolly. fa la la la la la la la la.

Oh the enthusiasm of this season. Isn't it just yummy? I love it. Family coming into to town. Last minute shopping. wrapping presents. Baking food. Praising God for what He has given me. That I could never deserve.

Here's a quick random bunny trail: Every year me and my siblings vote on who is "head elf" for Christmas. That means who is in charge of wrapping the main presents, and being bossy.. and things like that. This year... I was voted out. I didn't even make fourth elf. Not even "replacement elf". I felt so left out. ( actually I still feel left out.) But I guess I deserved it.. Last year I was quite the.. ummm...  Enthusiastic "head elf"... (That's a good word...)

So anyway. I'm not bitter about it. (Not much.)

I also love the music in this season... Actually I even love it before the season starts... Like in July...or April...

You can't beat the classics of Frank Sinatra singing Jingle Bells. Or Nat King Cole and Oh come all ye' faithful. Goodness. If people can sing like that here, in a world full of sin. Who can imagine what the voices will sound like in Heaven? (You can't.)

Last Sunday after church we all sang hymns for like an hour. It was so amazing. Just an hour to lift our voices to praise the King. How awesome listening to children sing that really care and have such a heart for Christ.

I love it.

So stay warm,  and remember to praise God and give Him all the glory in this wonderful season he has blessed us with!

Love ya all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To love the Church, TFO, puppets, and don't dance.

Hello, hello. So. I just got back from an awesome conference.Called to Love the Church, speakers like Paul Washer, Doug Phillips, Joel Beeke, etc. About 8 sermons a day. For three days. It was amazing. To say the least. We took an awesome friend, Kayla. and a ton of other friends were there.

One of the really awesome things that happened there, was that my sister and friend Kayla, called me into the parking lot freaking out, they then took me to the back of a white van, and showed me the "" bumper sticker. So I texted Kade, slightly freaking out at the thought of there being someone from Arkansas who knew the same people, and were for the same small organization, and just happened to park their car next to mine. So he told me who they were, ( he also suggested I camp out by there car? Which was a no go for me.)

Anyway. I never found them.

Since my last blog post, The Living Christmas tree play was amazing. It has snowed. A lot. Therefore I have not gone running. I have not had to use the pepper spray. We did not watch Casablanca, we watched Amazing Grace.

I still have no pictures.... I mean I have a ton... Just not on my computer yet. We have not taken the laptop to the Genius Bar. Yet.

This is random.. Slightly....

A few weeks ago we were going to a festival and this was my little brother, and father's conversation:

Dad: "Son you have to go to sleep"
Eli: "Why?"
Dad: "Because we have to go to a festival in the morning"
Eli: "Yaya!"
Dad: "yup so you need to get some sleep"
Eli: " Wait... Will there be puppets?!!??"
Dad: " What?!"
Eli: "Will there be puppets?!"
Dad: " Probably not..."
Eli: "Aww man... I love those things."
Dad: " I'll buy you some socks, don't worry."
Eli:" What?"
Dad: "never mind...."

It just makes me laugh. And when my brother starts to dance, and my father tells him... " Son... Stop... Men don't dance."

I love it.

Hopefully pictures to come soon! I will up load some cute videos though in the mean time.

Love ya all!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Charles, pepper spray, bears, and a Mac book Pro.

So I know that because I haven't posted any thing else lately, you guys think I'm some sort of horrible person. I'm really not. I have friends that can testify for me.


My sister's laptop (the one we download all of our photos to), isn't working....Again... It's a Mac Book Pro. It's built to work.


we go to the Genius bar tomorrow, hopefully we won't get Charles again, he's never a help. He just doesn't have that glow of blissfulness like the people on their commercials. Which is only typical. Anyway, enough about Chuck.

Tomorrow I head to a Christmas party type of thing. It should be a blast. But you won't get to see any pictures, unless Charles can fix Alyssa's computer.

When I get home, I plan on going for a run/jog/walk... I'm carrying pepper spray with me on my run/jogs/walks. I was very hesitant at first, only because the kind I have is for bears, it sprays a steady stream of fiery stinging pain for 30 feet..... Who would have ever thought that such a thing exists? But if anyone messes with me, I'm pretty sure they won't do it again. So next time you see an innocent 14 year old girl, running/jogging/walking down the road, think twice... She's carrying pepper spray. The kind for bears.

Sunday, I have church, <3, then around 3:00pm, I am heading to the Living Christmas tree play. It's suppose to be really good. I keep hearing about Angels that fly over the stage? Yeah. So That will be a blast, plus because we're going with some friends.

Now I am off to watch an adorable movie, either Amazing Grace or Casablanca. I'm voting on Casablanca. :)

So here's looking at you kids.

Love ya all!