Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Trips.... Lord Willing.

I'm going on a rode trip. We're leaving Friday night, I think?! For Louisiana which should take 11 hours not including stops.

We will be there for a week, then I'm headed to Texas for the Big Sandy ATI conference there that will be three or four days.

Then We're going back to Louisiana for another seven days.

The week after we get back friends are coming in to town, and staying with us for five days, I think? Two weeks after that I should be in Florida. Can't wait for that one! I want some real sun! I'm sick of fake tanner, I can't seem to find the right color....... anyway.

So yeah, my blogging isn't going to be "as" up to date. Give me time.

Love you all! God bless your week!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals, Check out "she wears purple" ! Great post on there! Leave a comment, and follow her.

Hope your having a good weekend! God Bless!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A worded Wednesday:

So as you noticed in the last post... There's no picture for my wordless Wednesday. The pictures aren't loading right... I don't know why. So I'll just continue to ramble on. I can tell your looking forward to it. *smiles*

The last few days the weather has been beyond awesome! I've been laying out a lot. Not like it's helping, Alyssa told me over the weekend that I looked Welsh.... Because of my dark hair and pale skin tone.... I thanked  her! My background is Scottish... So there both Celtic I guess. Anyway. I've been watching Soccer (football) It's been awesome! My family thinks I'm crazy. Today Manchester United won the Champion League. It was a good game!  And Sharon knows what I'm talking about!! I felt so awesome talking to her, someone who know what I'm talking about!! hah.

I played Frisbee Saturday... And I don't know if you play Frisbee with water guns.. But... It rocks!

Easter was amazing as it always is! Although there is always to much Chocolate involved. Why is that?

Today I did school, and wrote the most awesome paper! The best yet.

My sisters and I harmonized for the first time the other day. We didn't even finish the song, because we started screaming we were so excited..... We're insane. Yes. I know.

Tomorrow it's suppose to rain. Mom says yay. Because it's a day off from sunshine, which means, spring cleaning. You just can't see the smile on my face right now! *Oh the sarcasm*

Alyssa and I also had an excellent Bible study today with Sharon over skype! James chapter 2 is amazing.

 I'm finished wasting your time! I lol

God Bless!


Wordless Wednesday:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

50 dollar Challenge!

It's April 1st!  The fifty dollar challenge starts today! Go to: for more information. Also check out: , and

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