Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Kendall, Abby, and I!

We saw a waterfall. Amazement.

Goofin' off...... What else??


More Friends!

This picture (once again) brought up the fact of "Wow Madison's mouth is big!" How nice.


Now here are picture from my birthday outing!

For some reason all of my other pictures are turning out side ways! And... I can't fix them. I'll have to get back to you on how that works out. So here is from lunch when we ate at Hunter's Cafe and bakery.

Random pictures from my actually birthday.

Everything is always pretty relaxed on Sunday, but here are some silly pictures I took that day.

.... The flash was burning her eyes. Oh the DRAMA.

My fab grandparents skyped in for the night of my birthday!

Alyssa baked a cake... A Chocolate Three Layer Mocha Cake to be exact.

+ This
+ This
Part ='s this

+ This 
= THIS! 

it seriously took all day for her to make this. 

Most of this posts photo appreciation goes to Alyssa.

So here are all of the pictures I promised!

Love ya all!


Hello everyone, not too much is up with me. Finished School, did some cleaning (need to finish) going to grill tonight, or rather my mom will.... How weird is that, my MOM grills, and my dad doesn't!? That's always made me laugh. 

Anyway, there's something a grilling that makes me want to get the house EXTRA clean? 

I'm already a clean freak. Quote to prove, 

Me: "Hey E can you do my a favor?" 
 Elijah: "NO!" 
Me: "you don't even know what I was going to say." 
Elijah " Yes I do! You were going to ask me to pick up and put away my toys!"

*rolls eyes*

Sad isn't it? I can't help it...

This has nothing to do with cleaning, just another funny quote:

*outback Steak house commercial plays*  *theme song* * let's go outback tonight cause' life will still be here tomorrow* 
Alyssa: " OH! I finally get it!"  
Me: "get what?" 
Alyssa: "the song!"
Alyssa: "Because Australia is a day ahead of the U.S! So when they play it in America, *life will still here tomorrow* " 

Me: *rolls eyes and laughs hysterically*


Also I'm going to Skype a best friend in China tonight! And at 5:00pm I'm Skyping another great friend in Florida! I love Skype. It's truly awesomesuace. 

I had a fabulous weekend! Going to try and get a post with 'pictures' up tonight. 

I'm finally getting into the habit of this getting up early..  I heard my mom joking about using a golf club to help get us up.... Then I kind of decided that I could get the hang of this 'getting up early stuff' ;)

I need to go finish some cleaning..

Love you all!

God Bless your week!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself:

I know you guys have seen a lot of 'happy birthday' stuff on my blog lately, but, for serious, today IS My Birthday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun stuff:

Hey guys! I have pictures coming soon.

 My last week has been such a blur. Tuesday I went to Chattanooga for Ortho-bionomy, the dentist, and chiropractor, so it was an all day event. Plus I've still been getting up really early. So I was totally exhausted the next day.

 But I didn't stop going, because Wednesday some friends of mine were vacationing in North Carolina. So they were only about an hour from us. So we planned to all get together that day and hang out.

(that's where the pictures are coming from.) Which was a blast! I had a ton of fun.  But now I'm still tired.

I have so much school to do. Tomorrow I have History and Science tests. So that means I'll be up late studying.

My birthday is Sunday. I love weekend birthdays. So My sisters and I are celebrating tomorrow night. It's usually like a old movie fest. Which is always a blast . Then Saturday I have some more school. And then I think us ladies are going to and adorable town to go shopping and have lunch. Which will mean more pictures!

I have a question. Does my profile picture look really dark on your computer?? It does on mine, but not on my sister's laptop. It's driving me crazy!

God bless!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hello everyone! No I haven't fallen off the earth... I just started school back.

I have started waking up (very) early, like 6:00am. If you know me personally you know that's early for me. This is my second day, and seriously I'm still going good from one cup of coffee this morning, only one! (be jealous)

I finished school, (all subjects) and COMPLETELY re-organized the kitchen, and the dining room/schoolroom. I feel so accomplished. Getting up early and having special time to spend with the Lord, is awesome, and really helping me with my daily focus's.

Here's a bit of exciting new, (not really for you.... sorry) I'm going back to Florida in December! Only five more months.

Anyway. My sister's computer is working again, so please look forward to pictures soon!

Also a late BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MIA!!!!  Love you girl! I would post a picture of you but I don't have any on my desktop! Crazy I know.

Love you all!

Have a blessed night!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A fabulous birthday party!

Mrs. Dawn and Mrs. Karen did a beyond wonderful job on the party! It was excellent, and absolutely gorgeous! 

Mia, Kendall, and Joanna!

I did this just for you Joanna! Love ya!

The expression is awesome... She's just so cute!!

Me, Georgia Lyn, and Joanna.


Maddie and Maddie!

Crazy Soul Sista's! 

Autumn and Georgia Lyn!

one of my lovely gifts! For some reason I don't have pictures of the other ones?
....... Another dancing picture! Although both of us really CAN'T dance!

Georgia Lyn and I!


Maddie and Bridger!

Everyone went outside to 'hide' from Joanna while she was taking out the trash, she came in and assumed that's what everyone was doing and decided not go find them. I came inside because it was hot and I was barefooted. So I came in to find her like this>> She was chill.

Later Crystal and her Boyfriend Greg came over! Alyssa and Crystal are BFF'S
Greg Crystal and Alyssa.

So people that's all for right now! I'm headed to watch a movie with my sisters. Love you all!!!!